taking heed

slightly exaggerated
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2003-06-11 17:57:52 (UTC)

gratitude and then some

I'd just like to extend a sincere thanks to the 3.5 people
who responded to my last entry entitled "Why doesn't anyone
read my fucking shit?". I'll admit, that title was in fact
constructed to intice persons to read it, much the same way
sensationalist stories and pictures are used in right wing
newspapers. It was cheap and under-handed and I apologize.
But you'll all be happy to know that no profits were
infered from that trickery.

Anyways, thanks again to those you-know-who-you-ares out
there. If I wasen't so lazy and the such, I may have
actually responded to you all personally. Well, maybe I
will, one day. Ok, good.

Just a questin or 3 before I go...
Where are the weapons of mass destruction? Does anyone
know? Could this American imperialism be any more naked?
I think George and his cronies should be held accountable
for all of their ill intentioned plots through
assassinative means.