Thoughts arrive like butterflies
2003-06-11 17:41:22 (UTC)


I'm so happy! I've nearly finished my exams! Hoorah!
Jeez, I went to Woolies after my French exam to see about
buying a computer game. I was armed with a bundle of cash
and a mate to pick out a good one but alas, Woolies is not
a great place to buy PC games. Grr... So I stormed home,
slightly pissed off at the outrageous price of games, and
was greeted by an armada of Chinooks flying in circles over
the area. I say "armada",....there was only one but it was
bloody loud. Ilove those 'copters they're like ferries
which fly eek. I'll shut up now.
I want a hellicopterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!