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2003-06-11 15:12:46 (UTC)

school iS officially over! (happy pam?? edited 11:51)

whoo-hoo! school's out! i had to get up at 6:15 this
morning and i got home from school at 9:55.....how absurd
is that? crazy.

so i had my health exam today.... which stunk. i mean i
studied a little and everything, but mr. moody asks the
most vague and random questions.... i got an 85. i dont
think my parents will be too happy about it, considering
its health... but i mean theresa got an 81, and mike got an
84, so no one else's grades were any better! so it wasnt
just me, i swear.

but im over that. cause no more gym/health, ever, so who
really cares?!? not me. so i probably did ok on my chorus
exam, i might have missed a couple stupid ones though, but
its ok. and then my only other exam was spanish. i already
know i got an A on the listening part and a B on the
writing part, so i probly did somewhere in the middle on
the scantron. i just hope that whatever i got wont prevent
me from getting an A for the year in that class. thats my

so i gotta do some more cleaning today, cause my
grandparents are coming later tonight for lauren's
graduation. she's already gotten $340 in the mail, and she
hasnt even graduated yet! sheesh! so tomorrow nights probly
gonna be a little crazy... and saturday night i have my
championship softball game.... but after that, nothing! im
gonna get bored really easily though...

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