2003-06-11 14:08:31 (UTC)

He told me Adonis is like Bluto

I told someone
About my Adonis
He told me
Stay close to him
He is the protective type
Probably doesn't have many friends
But will love you completely
I would be a big part of his life
I think he was right
I think that man
Was a bit like my Adonis too
He was difficult
He was attacking
Thinking the worst
Contemplating suicide
When things didnot go his way
Of course hating women
How predicable

I mistook him for a bad person
He was only misunderstood
He can't let anything go

I couldn't deal with him
He made me angry
Accused me of things
Other women are guilty of
Corporate whore
Golddigging bitch
And it goes on...