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2003-06-11 13:44:43 (UTC)

He is a man after all thank god for that

How could he possibly forget me?
When he has seen that picture of me
I made that only for him
I don't do that

Somewhere I felt he wouldn't.
But I heard of this man
Who stopped talking to this other woman
And they were GOOD friends.
So I thought if it happened to her
It would happen to me.
I don't even know if
He was my friend.
Am I dreaming
I can't believe he is back
People who leave never come back
Maybe he had pity for me
Most likely
He missed my breasts
He wanted to see them
Maybe just the idea of them
His own words
'I am still thinking about[them]'

So many older women
Have been hitting on him
Have been chasing him

He has changed
He seems a bit nicer
I am nicer too
I realize can't handle conflict
Not a block of ice after all
He's a good man ok
I get it
I wasn't sure before

I'm going to have sex with him
This is surreal.
But after having sex
With someone I didn't FEEL for
I don't want any more of that
I can't believe I told him
About my toys

He is so perfect
How did I not see this before?

He is the perfect man.
Strong handsome Adonis
Likes to kiss
Likes to give it to you rough
Crazy sexy cool
So intense delicious
So intelligent and intuitive
I didn't notice intuitive before
But the way he asks questions
He is not a PIG about my body
He knows that I have "issues"
It is not just how he looks
His personality
Unfortunately sometimes
I feel he fucks with my head
Mostly his coldness
His silent treatment
I'm addicted to him
He is extraordinarily handsome
He gave me his pictures again
I'm in love with him all over again
He is so delicious

Yeah I want to fuck him

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