2003-06-11 11:10:00 (UTC)


Did I REALLY wrong you?
I don't see it...even if I finally apologized
I didn't mean it but I just wanted to be happy
Either you can be happy or right
At that point I didn't care because clearly you are
IMPOSSIBLE and I can't win
I told you what you wanted to hear
I told others about our situation they seemed to
sympathize with me
Only one sympathized with you and said
'Well, can you blame him?' Still he didnt say you were
Someone even told me that I did the right thing.
I know I did even if it wasn't fair for you.
How could I know if I could trust you or not?
ESPECIALLY with that lousy attitude.
I pay attention all the time and listen
Did you think I wouldn't pick up on it.
I wanted someone to help me who didn't think
That I was a burden.
So in a way you bastard YOU DESERVED IT
Whatever it was. I'm glad you suffered.
I sufferend too but only because of you.
You could have been more understanding
Especially after what I told you.
You decided to be a pig.
So different from the kind person I thought you were

Maybe you are so self absorbed
Or maybe I didn't pay much attention to you
Until we had that stupid fight about
I really don't understand you.
I know everyone else will abuse you
But somehow you wanted to lash out at me
Maybe I should have left like the others?
I'm tired of figuring this out.

Maybe you have no feelings
Just like any other man.
I can't say that I care for men.
You are just a block of ice
I told you I didn't like that.
I tried to not be close to you
Because I thought 'Oh my God'
He is not human he has no feelings
Then you got jealous
So I thought 'Ok maybe he has feelings'

So I probably said something that offended you?
I was honest though.
So maybe all the talking you did
Wasn't like you?
I thought maybe you were different
When you were just ACTING like a human being earlier
Maybe I was completely wrong about you.
Maybe we will NEVER speak again.

Would that be so bad?
No I don't think so.
Maybe caring about you was a mistake.

I can do it I can try to love other people
A little bit more
Even if they have ulterior motives
And I trust them even less
Than I trusted you