The confusing epic of muh life
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2003-06-11 08:14:35 (UTC)

quick summary of me and ivan

0k well to be as short as possible me and ivan used to hate
eachother b cuz basically we were jealous of who had sam b
cuz i was the best friend and he was the boyfriend and it
was always a war until we started talking and we started to
get close then sam left for alabama and sum how over the
course of 8 days or so we fell for eahother and lerned like
evrything about eachother and its like i was floating ,
there was this constant connection we never had to say ne
thing it was just realised like idk so much and then muh
mom found out he was 16 but hes reali 15 but she kinda
yelled at him it was kinda funi but w/e and she said i
couldnt talk to him until he was a gentleman and like
introduced himself but she took that back later on lol ne
wayz sam came home found out and everything changed and idk
they went to the movies and like made out and stuff
everything chanbged he started being eman to meh and idk
where we ever stand ill talk 2 him sumtimes and hes like
never talk 2 meh aagin and then with 5 minutes hes like o
hey kiddo idk its weird i got an answer outta him y r
u mean to me "b cuz its easier to get over u that way"
uhhhg its so weird idk juz lil things about old convos r
sticking out in muh mind this all happened exactly a week
ago today we used to talk till 4 in the morning uhhhg

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