The confusing epic of muh life
2003-06-11 08:05:23 (UTC)

i dont kno wut im doing or..

i dont kno wut im doing or feeling rite now i still love
him but i luv sam and i cant do that to her esspecially
rite now and i dont kno wut to think about ne thing i am
lost emma is the best friend rite now i mean she is there
always i can always count on her to be there for me and not
use things against people uhhhg shes just been the greatest
help and as much as ivan has fucked thing up for meh he has
made all my other relationships stronger like me and emma
me and sean me and sam i mena its like helped alot to open
up and as "bad" as he is i think that i am good 4 him i
feel like i can seriously help him and change him idk that
sounds naive and stupid but its like we r bound by this
cord that we both have and i kno that he looks at the stars
at nite i kno so much without him having to say a thing its
weird idk and wen he says it takes pain to c pain i feel
like ive been look at for the first time idk i kno i could
never make him wut i want him to be and i should just give
up but i cant just drop muh feelings like a bomb i have to
set them down slowly and its hard wen i kno that hes trying
to o the same thing idk i feel smart and stupid and anger
and lve all at the same time and its just getting so mixed
up but ima leave a convo w/ meh and sean nexxt b cuz its
important idk well it is to me