2003-06-11 07:17:36 (UTC)

I hate you

Nobody desires me as much as you
And I don't desire anyone as much as you
WHY must you be so masochistic?
Even I am not THAT masochistic.
Ok I know so the sight of me makes you stiff
I want to DEVOUR you
To show up at your house in a skimpy thong
I know you are obsessed with my body
Just like I am obsessed with yours
You are Michealangelo's David come to life
You are too beautiful
I don't understand why women aren't throwing themselves
At your feet.
They must be completely BLIND.
But that is ok you are a well kept secret.
If I could JUST have you for one night
You would have no desire to leave
Or pout...you would forgive me
Isn't this what you wanted?
What else could you possibly want?:-/
All I ask is that you talk to me and teach me
Like you did that day
I just want to gaze in your eyes and feel protected
Just to walk down the street and not care at who is staring
Or giving dirty looks
I worship you
And I like that you check up on me
I won't admit it but I want to belong to you
And I want you to be all MINE
Will you never trust me?
Oh my god and your chin, just the shape of your face
Even the most hideous clothes couldn't hide how beautiful
you were
Didn't you ever wonder WHY
I always felt so loyal to you even when I just met you?
That doesn't happen everyday.
In just the same way that you felt loyal to me.
I saw the envy in the women and men we went past
They were furious to see us together
I am not afraid of them
I think even if you lied to me about something
I would know there was a very good reason
I know you are embarrased but I don't care
I just want you.
Please don't force me to go with that hideous man
Who is twice my age
And don't tell me 'I knew you would go for his money'.
I don't love him like I love you
I never shall. He knows about you.
He tried to make himself look better
He tried to imply you were selfish without knowing you.
I don't want him.
What happened to the things we talked about?