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2003-06-11 06:53:40 (UTC)

my absent greek god

Reddish wavy hair
Strong hands
Deep blue eyes
Broad shoulders

What happened to the porno
We were supposed to make?
You broke a promise
I just don't understand

Why must you have principles?
Why must you exact revenge for EVERYTHING?
Why must you be SOO difficult? SOO frustrating?
Why must you be SOO irrational?
Why must you be SOO cold?
Why must you be SOO unforgiving?

I forgave you DESPITE yourself.
Because you reminded me so much of myself.
How I used to be.
You will learn just as I have
To forgive the people who love you.
Even if it is difficult.
I don't know if you are trying to play a trick on me
Trying to disrupt my life

If you didn't care,
Why would you pretend
That you were my spouse?
I thought you didn't care
Until I saw that
Then I thought
Maybe there is hope?
But maybe
I will give up on you.
You aren't jealous anymore
You flee at the sight of me.
You used to be terribly jealous
Maybe you hate me
I don't know.

At least now I know
What my type is.
Someone who looks like you.
Who talks like you
Who laughs like you
Who hugs like you
The way I drool
Is embarrasing
I'm glad nobody can see me

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