2003-06-11 06:51:43 (UTC)

so long i hoped that We could..

so long i hoped that
We could be together
Whenever you were near me
My face lit up
My eyes danced
At the thought of you
Of your strong hands around me
In memory of that brief embrace
Where I longed
For more
I wanted you to kiss me
So deeply that
I could lose myself
Lost in your deep blue eyes
To be weak and let go

But you didn't trust me enough
You didnt believe in me
I feel sorry for your loss
I could have loved you
Like no one else

Taken away
All your sadness
Your disappointment
You told me
You wouldn't leave
You would stay
But you never gave me a chance
To prove that
I wasn't like the other girls
That I didnt want your $$
That I wouldn't leave you

I hope you stay away
Because you did not like me
And did not want me
Not because you can't forgive me
For saying something that hurt you
That would be incredibly stupid

You always knew
How much i wanted you
Why didn't you kiss me
Maybe if you had
I would have stayed
Put up with anything at home
...just to see you again
You never gave me a memory of you

Only the way that you laughed
Not even what you looked like
Not even
The scent of your neck
Nor a letter
Nor a parting gift
Nothing to remember you by
Except for
Your physical beauty

you said things that hurt me
So how could I stay
You left me
Long before I left you

You knew how I always
LOVED to talk to you
How much I admired
How strong you are
Broad sholders
Strong hands
Strong jaw
I went from distrusting
Disliking you
I am that way
With all men
To falling in love
Within the hour
I've fallen in love
Once before
I doesn't happen

I wouldn't hold
It against you
If you were angry
For a while
But I will if
You never talk to me again
I will hold it against you
If you don't overlook
The one thing I said
That hurt you
Think back on
HOW MUCH I have overlooked
I have pity for you

I never know when I
Will never see someone again
It seems it happens
So subtly
I realize
I didn't say goodbye
I realize
How much
I will miss you
I kick myself
For ever deciding
To love you