No time for love Dr. Jones
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2003-06-11 03:15:47 (UTC)

Frantic tick tick tick tick tick tock

I never realised that being in a band was such hard work.
Not only is there the constant lugging of shit, trying hard
to find gigs, finding time to rehearse & write new songs,
but there’s also the added pressure of handling the
bullshit of making sure everyone in the band gets along
with each other.

Don’t get me wrong, the guys are all really cool guys, but
lately I’ve found myself in the middle of this big bullshit
ego fight between Danny and Greg.

Danny’s pissed off at Greg coz he thinks that Greg didn’t
want to do this gig that we were offered. Plus Danny’s a
bit cheesed that Greg isn’t very receptive to new songs
that he hasn’t written himself. Couple this with the fact
that Danny isn’t the easiest going of people, and you have
a very interesting situation.

Greg’s a bit pissy with Danny coz of the way that Danny
seems to think we’re worth more than we are and the usual
singer ego situation.

Where I seem to fit in is the mediator between the two
guys. Whenever either of them has a problem with the other,
it’s straight on the phone to Ric for a bitch session,
which I then have to ut up with for anywhere up to 10
minutes. It’s exhausting and frustrating as hell, and now
I’ve gotten it off my chest, I feel a little bit better.

But not much.

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