48 shades of darkness
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2003-06-11 02:32:38 (UTC)

Jenn I love you cant you see,..

Jenn I love you cant you see, These feelings I feel are
deep within me
Can’t express it any other way, I felt being with you since
the first day
You’re so sweet and so loveable, Need your touch to make me
I felt it in my heart you felt me from the start
Can’t take the pain of being without you
Left me here alone with no emotion that you’ve shown
I fell for you and you fell for me now I sit here unhappy
Thinking of the times that we had, every time I do I feel
Want more time to spend together, forever and ever, keep my
feelings in a jar
I feel like I’m not going far, getting left out and
feeling scarred
You leave the visual on my mind of your loving smile and
our time
Together we grew but not a lot, you left me here just my
Without you I can’t get far all alone with no emotion shown
Jenn I love you can’t you see, Jenn your love is all I need