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2003-06-11 01:37:05 (UTC)

exams aaaaahhh

im so stressed out i can't wait to get rid of jim! hes so
well theres only 6 days of school left and i cant wait! i
want exams to be done and i hope to god that ipass my math
class . i procrastinate to much.
robertas birthdays tomorrow and im taking her for lunch :)
my b-day is in a few days i cant' wait! ill be 17 not much
of a difference but hey.
i have a hole new plan for my self after i turn 17, a whole
new me. im joining the gym, getting a tatoo, try to be more
fun and out going. im excited , tanning and stuff toooo! :)
i didnt' win an award and neither did roberta but it sall
good. I love eric so much :) hes so supportive :) gives me
lots of confidence toooo :) so happy.
good night xooxoxo ~Jess~

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