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2003-06-10 21:13:07 (UTC) radiate eighty-eight full shades of gray... bored. i had plans for today...what happened to
that?! lol...gah...
after work (8:45-2:15...every Tuesday) i went to the bank
to cash my check from like forever ago...then publix
(cookies & cream soda) then Blockbuster. i rented super
troopers...someone told me that was good...i dont remember
who tho. oh well. didnt watch it yet. i watched clerks
instead. maybe later. my dad is watching jerry
springer...maybe this is why i should have a tv in my room
huh? oh well. gah im bored.
i couldnt sleep last night. idk why. i used to do that
last yr...just stay up all night for like 3 days in a row
w.out getting tired. lol.
my eye hurts. i think there is something in my contact.
its been there all day tho so oh well.
i wanna go to the mall. im bored. i dont have anyone to go
w.tho. laura is at work. she bought the banana holder. and
the matching paper towel holder and the trivets and pepper
mill w.matching salt shaker. everyone at work was making
fun of us today. jonnie was like 'theyre like newly-weds
not college freshmen! u know ur supposed to do w.out when
u go off on ur own the first time!'. i dont really like
her. so what...we have good taste and arent stupid enough
to purposely make our lives uncomfortable. we still need a
phone. i think thats about all we need tho. lol. oh...and
the lil stuff that hasta wait till we move my
comfortor and what-not.
i want those damn sundae glasses. not cool. she bought em
for keeley. imma steal em! :x jk.
well i guess im gonna just go sit in my room and stare at
the wall! :(


...almost 2 weeks :/ *sigh*

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