Remember to Breathe
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2003-06-10 20:51:42 (UTC)

27 moments and counting....

I figure I would enjoy reading these radical entries later
on in life so I will continue to update. On Sunday (not
Saturday as I had previously mentioned...) I went to
Williston for a show. Although there was a lot of
technical difficulties, it ended up being a good time. I
stayed at Billy's house, which was slightly awkward for
more reasons than one. I woke up to find that only his
cleaning lady was there, and she proceeded to drill me on
the specifics of my relationship with Billy. I avoided
most questions as much as I avoid the issue in general. I
got my housing assignment for UND next fall today. I will
be living in the beautiful, spacious, co-ed, dorm of
Brannon. It is for sophomores and up, so that makes me
excited. I am only signed up for the first semester, but I
may end up living there all year, who knows.

One new thing I've discovered about myself, which is
actually something I knew all along, is that I am horrible
about liking someone and then dropping them the minute they
return affections. I get scared of commitment, in a most
testosterone-like way. Well I intended to turn this into a
meaningful post of intellectual proportions, but I must cut
this short.

"I don't know me, and you don't know you, so we fit so good
together 'cause i knew you like I knew myself. We clung on
like barnacles on a boat -- even though the ship sinks you
know you can't let go."
-Ugly Casanova-

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