lindsay ann

somewhere in between
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2003-06-10 18:02:53 (UTC)

if a dream is a wish, then what is a nightmare?

last night i dreamt i was getting ready to go on a date with some
guy i didn't happen to recognize in the dream...for some reason i
was at my old house, too, so we'll see about that. but anyway, i
was running around the house getting all excited to go out with this
guy, and he was waiting outside because he'd just driven me
home from something else...anyway, as i was getting dressed, i
realized i was only excited to go out with him because it was a
date, not because i actually liked i ran downstairs where
we used to have this big window that looked out onto the street
and peeked out the window and it wasn't the same was
matt...and i was all ready to go on my date, but i freaked out
because it was matt..yet another guy i don't like...

so i told my dad i was going out and walked out the door...and i
started getting in the truck and matt said "what are you doing
here?" and i told him it was my house and he shrugged and
looked at me and said "might as well make the best of it"...but my
dad saw us in the car together and started chasing after us and
yelled that i couldn't go with matt...and for some reason, i got really
upset and told him i was going no matter what...but i got out of the
truck to yell at my dad and some car came really fast in the other
direction and hit matt's truck.!

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