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2003-06-10 04:20:22 (UTC)

Brain Hemispheres...and falling for her again....

Kels, you show a slight right-hemisphere dominance with a
moderate preference for auditory processing, an unusual
and somewhat paradoxical combination of characteristics.

You are drawn to a random and sometimes nonchalant
synthesis of material. You learn as it seems important to
a specific situation, and might even develop a resentment
of others who attempt to direct your learning down a
specific channel.

Your right-hemispheric dominance provides a structure that
is only loosely organized and one which processes entire
swatches of reality, overlooking details. You are
emotional in your reactions and perceptual more than
logical in your approach, although you can impose
structure and a language base when necessary.

Your auditory preference, on the other hand, implies that
you process information sequentially and unidimensionally.
This combination of right-brain and auditory modes creates
conflict, as you want to process data more rapidly than
your natural processes allow.

Your tendency to be creative and free-flowing is
accompanied by sufficient ability to organize and be
logical, allowing you a reasonable degree of success in a
number of different endeavors. You take in information
methodically and systematically which can then be
synthesized rapidly. In this manner, you manage to
function consistently well, although certainly less
efficiently than you desire.

You prefer the abstract and are a theoretician at heart
while retaining the ability to be practical. You find the
symbolism in a great deal of what you encounter and are
something of a "mystic."

With regards to your lifestyle, you have the mentality
which would be good as a philosopher, writer, journalist,
or instructor, or possibly as a systems designer or social
worker. Perhaps most important is your ability to "listen
to your inner voice" as a mode of skipping over
unnecessary steps to achieve your goals.

Kinda cool...and could explain why I'm having a hard time
figuring out something that I enjoy for a career...
On a happier note, I saw her today and she looked hot and
she was like "your lesson is still happening right?" and I
was like "yeah" and she's like "ok cuz there's that
potluck at the saha or whatever and I was going to see if
you wanted to come..." so yeah...

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