2003-06-10 04:15:04 (UTC)

slightly bored and severely confused

so this is a first i think... but i think there's a
girl... she just recently broke up with her boyfriend and
she and i have had chemistry i guess you could call it
that. i've known her for a while and been friends with her
too. but not best friends so that couldn't get in the way.
she is in a way sending those "signals" but i cant quite
tell if that's what they really are yet... so i'm waiting
and hopefully i wont wait too long.... anyways i dont
wanna talk about that too much cus i dont want to get the
little amount of hope i have left inside to be destroyed
by a female... i'm back in that mood again. i'm becoming
very anti social... at get togethers i dont go out of my
way to talk or join in things. if people are around me
i'll talk to them if they insinuate conversation but i
still dont do much. it sucks cus someone has pointed stuff
like this to me. the fact that i never voice my opinion,
that i never have any input on anything whatsoever that i
never try to have fun at something just basically telling
me "hey i know what's going on" they have all the "clues"
but haven't pieced them together yet. oh well... i like
the way i am and am not going to change cus i'm "boring"
or whatever. i just wish somethings were different than
what they are... if only hope was left

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