Book of the Purple Faerie
2003-06-10 04:09:04 (UTC)

Memories are a funny thing...

I spent a recent afternoon cleaning out my belongings in
the storage area of our attic, which comprised ENTIRELY of
magazines, books, and comic books. It was so weird... I
keep forgetting that I have so much stuff! Now my floor is
piled with... well, piles of magazines, to be burned at a
bonfire (SMORES!). I disected them of all the good articles
first... But just looking over them made me remember how I
felt back when I was still in high school... it was weird.
Remembering how important all of that stuff was to me once,
and yet somehow ended up in my attic... is that the way
life goes? Will we all end up in someone's attic? That's a
sad thought, but at least reassuring that everyone cleans
their attic and rediscovers their old treasures.

Working hard on getting stronger, but I'm not doing so
well. Weight loss has stood still, and I had an ugly day
today. Tomorrow, I work a morning shift, but it's with
Heather, so that's OK. I think I'll take my art book and
work on my comic... which now I need a title for. I was
thinking possibly "Redemption" or something along those
lines. I worked on a new character sketch with some paper
that the printers at work didn't like. He looks kinda like
Eriol from CardCaptor Sakura. *Sigh* Why does CLAMP
continue to eat away at my bank account? I got paid this
weekend and had to snatch up the latest CardCaptor Sakura
(BECAUSE it had Eriol in it...) and the newest CLAMP Campus
Detectives. OOoo, the posters in those things are so
tempting... must not remove!

Another note on memories, I stayed up until 4 am conquering
Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete (and listening to the
outtakes... *giggles* They still make me laugh). I did that
the first time I played, and also when I conquered Lunar:
Eternal Blue Complete. I love the Lunars, but I was getting
frustrated... I was at level 45 and still doing 45 damage
per turn... is that right?! Sheesh! Well, now I'm playing
Final Fantasy X. Hey, it's research for my Auron costume! I
already got the sunglasses! ^__^ They are KICKIN'! I'm a
bit afraid though... of Otakon. I'm scared that things will
get messed up, or people will make fun of me. I don't need
that... *hangs head* I'm very sensitive. But, I'm commited
to going. Tomorrow I'm going to get my money order to
register... then some tanning and possibly a stop at K-
Mart. This paycheck is already screwed anyway. I gave Angie
my 16 dollars for our nifty customized shirts. Lots of
expenses this week... plus I need to work on the rest of my
costume! I don't want to leave it until last minute! I'm
going to do my best... I may not be strong yet, but I'm not
going to give up just yet! Maybe there's still hope...


Quote of the Moment:
Me (Leaving Message on Mi-hime's Cell Phone): Michelle
Michelle! It's Nikkie!! I just called to say...
Heeeellooooo! *proceeds to make kissy noises*