chronicles for the clinicly insane
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2003-06-10 02:56:20 (UTC)

simple in a complex sorta way

the fact that we all exist is a lie. pure and simple.
well maybe not so simple. you see the only way that I can
prove that someone exist is to experience every thing that
is them, henceforth the only one I can prove to truly exist
is myself. so fuck the rest of you. YOu are all simply
figures of my imagination.
The mere fact that I have created you all severly
enrages me. In some ways I feel like god, or perhaps thats
just the coke talking, (right Kirsten?)

At any rate the point of this little writtin thingy here is
to relay my personal feelings on to the rest of you in the
best way I know how. So here we go. Today I woke up and
went to school. Not a completely unnatural or in any way
unusual occurance, but today seemed different, much more
false than usual. A simple, thinly veiled attempt to
survive through the last agonizing hours of exams. The
endless torment of my so called peers and there so called
lives. First came english, the first stop in the youth
programming station that teaches us probably our most
important lesson. In highschool english we are made to
read books with certain Ideals, Ideals that while noble
seem hollow and in todays society (that is in an all new
state of fuctuppedness). We are taught of the plight of
the migrant farmer in the grapes of wrath, the horrors of
the holocaust in Night, and the pure pomposouty of the
rural south in To kill a mockingbird. While all of these
books do inspire some rational thought in the mind of a
teenager, there general message is generic and only serves
to conform the mind of the tipical teen, thus the purpose
of formative education. (note the key word FORMATIVE)
what I want to know, is why not do we read the books that
served as a basis for our own society, we learn how
Voltaire and Montesquie formed the principles of our
beloved "American Society" why do we not read them.
Simple, these books are open ended, they present an Idea
without a solution, and that leads to Uh-oh, our old
enemy of america, independent thought. Simply stated, you
as and idividual are kept from true knowledge by a flood of
crap that becomes deemed required simply to disinterest you
from what knowledge might truly empower you, so I beg you
please, the keys to the cornerstone lie in front of you,
arm yourself with knowledge and experiencec, tear down the
walls of their false limtations and rebuild your own life
in the way you want it not the way thats best for their
profit margins

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