Montana bound
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2003-06-10 01:49:18 (UTC)

First step

Well, I went down to CAL Ranch today, and I finally got
an application. I should have gone down and turned it in,
but I sat around on my lazy ass until I had to start
watering this evening, so I'll have to do it tomorrow, I
suppose. I'm also going to have to pay for summer school
So I've taken my first step toward hopefully getting a
job there. I know I'm being way too picky, but if I can
land this job at CAL Ranch I'll be in heaven. When I went
down there today, before asking for an application I just
wandered around the store, and I absolutely loved it. I
know Evil Mart pays more, but the difference is I'll enjoy
working at CAL Ranch. It's the perfect store for simple
country boys like myself.