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2003-06-10 01:03:08 (UTC)

Kiss My Bum You Psycho School Junkies!

Yup, that's right.. YOU HAVE BEEN TOLD! All of you "I love
school" people can kiss my butt right now. School's a
of time, just you wait. You'll hate it too in time! I was
once naive like you. I loved school but now *shudder* I
dread waking up in the morning. You see there comes a time
when people do turn evil and teachers are no longer
teachers. You see, this is the time when you realize
perhaps you're living in hell.

That was only the introduction to what this entry will
consist of. Luckily for me, today was the last day of
school and I will not have to deal with it for two months.


1) Mr. Morin - self explanatory though to refresh your
memory, he's the one that kicked me out of class because
someone else said they hated black people. Somehow I was
a part of that even though I AM black.

2) Work in itself - I hate doing work. I only do it because
I have to and I don't want to end up being a high
school burn out that will be working in McDonald's for
the rest of my life. I want to make something of myself
but seriously, how much is Shakespeare going to help me?

3) Overachievers - I can't even begin to explain how much
cannot stand them. I mean like seriously, they're the
ones that bring down your marks with their trying
harder than they need to and making everyone else's work
look like their dog did it for them. DAMN YOU ALL!

4) Due dates - See, I think that the rules must be laid
and that there should be due dates but I also think
teachers need to practise a bit of empathy here. They
just don't understand that we have homework for four
other classes AND theirs and that they cannot expect us
to finish a half decent seventeen page essay on the
Nile river in one day. GET REAL!

5) Binders - I hate binders. I really hate them. The
waste of money. Every single one I have bought has
Yes, even your precious FIVE STAR durable crap. Those
binders cost more than any binders yet are still royal
CRAP... I'll pay someone to find me a decent, durable
binder for my high school needs.

6) Sion Hall (Cafeteria) - Ya, I hate that place. I don't
know where to start. There's those annoying grade 9s
that for some reason think they're cool by popping their
paper bags day after day. Then there's those freaks that
take the card game "Asshole" way too seriously. They
like threaten each other and yell at the top of their
lungs when they lose. EARTH TO LOSERS... IT'S JUST A

7) Mrs. Yates - I don't think I actually talked about her
but she's just really rude and called me a few names
indirectly at the front of her class that I would not
like to repeat. Thank God she won't be there next year.
I'd die... yes... DDDIIIIIIIEEEE!!

8) The Computer room - That place is so cold. Like, I know
they're trying to enforce the dress code but when most
people in the computer room are big computer nerds,
there really is no need to punish that room. If I
wanted to freeze inside a building, I'd move to

9) Lack of sleep - Studies show that people who sleep more
perform better in school. What they failed to tell you
is that people who actually get enough sleep, are the
ones who are failing. You see, with the amount of
homework I get from day to day that I actually do, I
don't ever get half as much sleep as I'd like to. So
maybe sleep does help you perform better in school but
won't help you pass.


10) The Atmosphere - As soon as I get to school in the
morning I feel the sudden presence of evil. Yes, EVIL.
The fluorescent lights, the red and grey lockers and the
stairs... Those evil stairs. Yes the air is polluted
the mixed scents of B.O. and hawaiian ginger (I'd
choose B.O. over that crap) and just the thought of that
you're going to be there for the next six hours of your
day is nauseating.

It's pretty bad when you can actually name 10 things you
hate about school. Yes, 'tis true. Despite the fact that
grades are okay, I hate school more than anything and am
happy that I am finally out of that correctional facility