Diary of Stuff (Volume I)
2003-06-10 00:03:54 (UTC)

test the nation

gonna take part in this,

Me: 52 correct out of 60, score 123.
Spouse: 53 correct out of 60, score 124.

Me: I was caught up in the excitement of the show, and the fricken
clock was too fast, so that addled my normally cautious
thinking...yeah, i know, excuses, excuses... worst section, i don't
really know, since i took it online, and it doesn't give you a score
card at the end....i think that i missed at the most 1 in 8 of the 13
sections there was...

Spouse: GUESSED on EVERY SINGLE MATH Problem, and got them ALL
RIGHT... I can't believe that, but, there has to be something to Worst section, was perception/spacial, and memory...

hehehehe, Repubs and Demos were tied, and men outscored the women by
two or three points, lol....

oh well, that was fun...