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2003-06-09 23:48:18 (UTC)

Saw Her Smile

To this day you can ask her
Why she never smiles
She just turns and calmly says
My life is not worth while

You can look for the reasons
But you’ll never be able to find
The pain that she hides
And the thoughts In her mind

You can try and talk to her
Try and see it in her eyes
As many times as you wonder
You don’t know why she cries

Of all the years you’ve known her
Nothing seems to change
She stares out into the open
And all she does is age

You can run into her old friends
But they will never tell
And You’ll never know
Just why they hide it so well

She is an old woman now
And her days are getting few
Her life seems to have no meaning
And her smiles are way past due

One day you were cleaning her room
A picture you then found
When she walked in you felt of shock
And the picture hit the ground

Her eyes filled up with tears
As she stared at it for quite a while
She said he was the love of my life
And for the first time You saw her smile.