you cant escape what makes you tragic
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2003-06-09 23:29:16 (UTC)


hmmm well its literaly been AGES since i wrote anything in
here... things are probably more fucked up then ever but
hmm...i guess i've just been writing more poetry n shit so
i havent had as much journal time

ARGAKdfjlaskdfjlkjs my mom is completely dellusional, as
usual. the other day
she said to me 'if we had a better, bigger, newer house w/
better things then all our problems would go away'....HA HA
mother fuckin HA! she cant keep what we have NOW nice, how
is she supposed to do it w/ better things. our whole house
turns to shit b/c she just cant get it to fucking gether.
she acts like its sooo hard being her but fuck man.... i go
to school, do my work (and get decent grades) and i STILL
do more around her then she does. most of the time i clean
the whole fuckin house, all she does is laundry (and
usually its just her OWN), and she cooks. i mean, i know
billions of people have it worse off then i do by like a
thousand times but really... i KNOW her momma didn't raise
her like this. ok well, maybe i'm not giving her QUITE
enough credit, but she still has it really easy, easier
then I by far.

aight well g2g and get to some of that studyin....haha