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2003-06-09 20:50:08 (UTC)

Off and Running!

The week-end was quiet with Hugh gone on his senior trip
and John working. I went to church by myself on Sunday and
in the afternoon we took a quick run to Corvallis to run
errands and bring Owen and Gavin treats. Finals week
starts today and they'll be coming home Friday. We also
picked up some of their stuff. Later, I worked in our
garden fertilizing, weeding and planting more flowers.

Tomorrow John will go in the truck and pick up the big
stuff at their dorms--like refrigerators-- that won't fit
in the van. On Friday, while he's at work, I''ll pick them
up and the rest of their stuff.

I've baked some extra barbequed chicken to bring to the
senior class potluck dinner tomorrow. It'll be fun as two
of the three other ladies I joined forces with to get
change in the school system will be there too. Aimee's son
is graduating; she only has one left at home. And Reta's
youngest son is graduating too. There are a few other
parents I know but it's suprising how few of the 40
students in the graduating class have gone through K-12
here like Hugh and his brothers and Aimee's and Reta's
children. And I know very few of the teachers anymore.
They've retired or moved to other districts. I was humbled
last fall when I, the person whose name (I'd been told)
could cause school administrators to pale and shudder and
tremble in their shoes, had to spell my name TWICE when I
called the new principal. Obviously, my reputation had not
preceeded me! I still do have people tell me that I am
their role model and heronine when it comes to school
change but they're welcome to continue it now. My youngest
son is graduating. I'm OUTA THERE!

And like Glenda did at her youngest son's graduation two
years ago, I may very well do a happy dance right there in
front of everybody to celebrate!