lindsay ann

somewhere in between
2003-06-09 19:24:14 (UTC)

know where i'm going & know where i been

so this weekend was interesting. i guess that's the best word for
it...because it was such a combination of things.

*seeing their new house, which is adorable
*realizing they're seriously only 15 minutes away from the wells
(kristen's parents)
*just seeing them again and hanging out like everything was
*meeting the people in their youth group, who were all REALLY
*meeting random people there who said they were praying for our
youth group. tight.
*seeing the whole church really really like them
*hearing rich preach

*realizing they're actually there for good
*hearing the "will you marry me?" talk...given to a new group
*how many people asked "how are you doing with all this?"..i know
they ask out of love but it brought tears to my eyes every time
*driving away and saying our final goodbyes :-(