would the world stop spinning
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2003-06-09 19:00:14 (UTC)


well i have had a few of the best conversations of my life,love,sex,and's almost really strange
that i can have such nice open conversation with someone
and not have any problem expressing the way that i feel...i
don't find myself triping over what i want to say or
i think that communication is a key factor in the way that
a relationship goes.. if it's good then you'll roll with
the wind,if not your stuck and can't get over the gravel.
i met someone who helps me roll a little smoother.
i don't know how i feel right now about a lot of things,
i've just gone through a huge change in my life but,
suprise this girl pops into my life and i see things a
little more clearly around her. she makes me smile.
i think both of us have some off the wall love issues, but
i'm a strong believer in hopelessly romantic fairy tale
love. i want to be able to be someone who can show her that
it's not that scary. back to my analagy from a few days
ago..i want to be the kid carring the first aide kit. i
don't know where in the hell my head is...i have a math
final in an hour and i just got done fighting with aften
about the demise of our relationship and all i can think of
is the smile that i'll have on my face tomorrow night.
i guess somewhere in there i'm also thinking about candy,
since i am a junkie and
i'm 22 now,i think it's time i set some space in time for
myself,i need to get my life in the general area of " the
right track". i need to get better about some things,on my
terms in my time. i need to be able to wake up in the
morning and not have to think it may have been better not
to...i want new people in my life,i've met someone fabulous
already. i want to see more than the thin slice i have so