Thee Sandman

Thee Sandman
2003-06-09 18:29:25 (UTC)

06.09.03 dreams

I had three dreams last night, but i can only remember two.

First Dream:
Im in a school. I think it is a high school. Long dark
hallways, sometimes it feels like an abandoned hospital. I
find a way into the old part of the building, deep
underground, an old covered stadium. It sank and they built
the new school ontop of it, everyone had forgotten it was
down there. there are people here, they live here. they
say they cant get out. I find a way out, they get upset,
evidently they dont want to get out. Then im in my room at
the school. it is a room but it also outside. there is a
small creek that that runs down through the middle and there
is an asylum for girls across the creek and back up the
other side. I am flying, it is a little difficult, but im
flying. it is night, the girls wake up and come to the
windows, they have to be quiet, less they alert the staff.
they giggle and watch my fly around, i wave and do loops.
then one of the girls is escaping, i help her over the
barbed wire part of the fence.

Second dream:
Im in Africa, with a tribe. it is hot, and dry. they have
a tree with sheets to give themselves shade. they all
smile, and are generally very happy people. they accept me
graciously. they have these gourds they play like a
digeradoo, but they are all weird shapes and make really
cool sounds. i try to play one, i dont do very good, but
they are all very impressed that i made any sound at all. I
pull out my PVC digeradoo and play that. they love it.
they think it is cute, but not one of their instraments.
They are so nice and loving.