apfel diary
2003-06-09 16:55:31 (UTC)

i always not feeling well..

i always not feeling well lately.maybe eat too less,got bad
health?the poor thing is my mom know that.and she always
check the blood pressure for me,u know. got the big trouble
that my b.p. is low.i knew my mom is care about me and
worried about me.but..im alright,im really ok.no need
forcing me eat a lot of food there.and bought so much
durian to me.oh help~i dont think durian can make me get a
good health/blood pressure.sigh....
i just went out with mills tonite.took a walk with her. she
worried bf about getting another gal one day.sigh..to tell
the truth,who can make sure that all the guy is good and
they wont meet another gal back of you.by the way,as my
hair still wet,i came here to check email and see if ppl
send me any msg here.i got the bad guy msg.i did think that
i shouldnt reply him as he was bad and hurt me.but,no
longer mad at him.i think he can be my internet friend
still.so that i replied him.he told me that he was busy at
work b4.any meaning in it?none of my business,i think.i
dont think im interested in everything about him.well,we
talked few words only.maybe he felt that i didnt wanna talk
to him at all?or he couldnt find any topic to talk to?i
dont know.who cares.he is my internet friend only.i wont
take him as my close friend anymore. =p
my sis's bf come to my home very often. and each time,he
stayed very long time.ahh,he takes it as his house or our
house now?well,i dont really like him,dunno if he is really
love my sis or just wanna get sex with my sis.who knows?
just always see that they kiss and hug all the time.except
making sex,all things they have already done.the thing what
i hate is they always kiss and hug each other and never
care ppl was being there.what can they do that?god..should
i cover my eyes everytime?why dont they go to do that in
outside?just dot let me see them been kissing there will
do.especially at my home!who cares what they are doing as
long as not doing it in front of me and at my house!
sigh..cant believe that my sis is this kind of gal.too
my friends and i was going to ocean park on 8th last
sunday.sigh..the weather reported that day will be a rainy
day.so that we decided cancel it,changed it to 22th. oh,u
know what? last sunday,no raining at all.yes,just a little
bit in the evening.sigh..if i have known that,i would have
gone to ocean park with friends.how can i waiting it till
22th.it is a long time waiting.sigh~~