Oh,The Insanity
2003-06-09 16:07:57 (UTC)

The Town that Time Forgot

Life has been turned upside down. Saturday night, adam and
corinne had an accident. Everyone is okay, but because it
was adam's fault and he was driving after 9pm and all these
other reasons, he has a bunch of tickets he has to
pay...which means he can't afford to move in with me. So,
I'm moving in with my Aunt and Uncle again (oh joy:)
Aside from that news, the day after the wedding was good. I
went to Lockport, NY with my stepsister, Vicky and her
cousin, Tom. It was so fun. on the way back, we ended up
goin through Caledonia, NY, which is a boring old one-horse
type of deal. So anyways, we're driving through it and I
see this Bean Factory and there's a sign above the front
door that says WHITES in huge black letters. I was
like "holy shit! Vicky, pull over!" so we go back and take
all these pictures of this old segregated building which
has been shut down (hopefully) for a million years. Then
there were all these old men sitting on their porches, and
that pushed me over the edge. So, Caledonia NY is now known
as "The Town that Time Forgot" because it is so...behind.
lol Then I came home and talked at a million miles per
hour because I had so much to say and so little time to say
it all. Then I went and visited Abby and Nate and found
out Adam had called there looking for me, and he called
Dan, Kipp, Maslyn and McDonald's...looking for me. And
then, Abby told me about the accident. The feeling I got
when I heard about this "horrible accident" that he was
involved in was just...overwhelming. Then, like, 3 seconds
later, the phone rings and it's Adam and I just freak out,
all like "OMG ARE YOU OKAY?!" and he was like "where have
you been? I've been trying to reach you all day" and I felt
bad. Everyone is okay, but I guess corinne got the worst
of it because she was on the side they hit. We're going to
see her today when Adam gets done with school.
I'm dying my hair black...as we speak. I hope it turns out
okay, but I think everything will turn out okay.

Peace, Love and Forgotten Marshmallows,