Oh,The Insanity
2003-06-09 15:51:24 (UTC)

It's like Rain on your Wedding Day

Saturday was my mom's wedding. I spent alot of time, money
and effort on making myself look decent...and the
hairdresser fucked up my hair. First of all, she started
out by teasing it...Vive la 80's! I was like "oh
god...Spinal Tap." Anyway, everyone else said it looked
fine and cute and all those other things people tell you
when your hair looks like shit. I wore a long periwinkle
dress and white satin gloves and these hot strappy sandals
I found at Payless. it was great, it rained lol.
Nate went to the wedding too, he looked so cute :) awww
after the reception, I went to kipp's and watched The
Mating Habits of the Earthbound Human...funny stuff.
More later, em