And just when I thought things couldn
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2003-06-09 14:52:32 (UTC)

And where would I go?

It's so funny how immature people are. So what if I went
to see another movie, that doesn't mean that you have to
walk around the movie theatre pretending you don't know
me. I swear..this clique crap is really starting to get on
my nerves. There is no reason to be so exclusive. It's
really sad, especially because so many people notice it.
And it's sad.

And I'm not incredibly stupid. When I send all of you a
message to call me if you do something and no one
responds...uhhh yeah don't pretend like you didn't get
it..just tell me that you don't want me there.

I'm so sick of him. I couldn't go out of my way to be nice
to him anymore, yet he still does the meanest things to
me. I don't understand how he can be such a jerk. I swear
I am the only person (girl) he is mean to like that. I
can't stand it. I don't get it. I'm so tired of him I
could SCREAM..and I seriously want to.

I can't even express how badly I want friends that actually
like me. I can't stand being around any of them anymore.
I think Lindsay and Anna are the only people...and even
they act like they hate me a lot.

I want to hang out with Marisa more often. I don't even
care if I ever hang out with them again. I have no desire
to hang out in the drama anymore. Seriously. Get over your
stupid brand new cars, or you retarded clothes and get a
real life..

I can't wait until I move away.