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2003-06-09 00:21:02 (UTC)

Last Night

Last night I went to G-A-Y (famous club in Central London)
for the first time ever. Danni Minogue was suppose to make
an appearance but she was "sick". I was kinda annoyed
because they should have notified via email that morning if
she couldn't make it but I was determined to go anyway.
Before that I went G-A-Y bar, about 10 minute walk from the
actual club, went in just to have a look. It was small but
it was ok. On certain nights they do cheap drinks so it may
be worth going back there one night. I went to the actual
club around 11pm, just to see what it was. Because Danni
didn't turn up my voucher let me in their with a cue jump
and at £6 instead of £8-£10, well happy :). When I went in,
I had no idea what it was like, I stood around for a bit
and then got talking to a guy called Rakeesh. He was real
nice said he was waiting for his friends to come. I tagged
along with him for most of the night and met a couple of
his friends later. The club was so great, music was dancey
pop, the atmosphere was vibrant, everyone was just so happy
to be there. Its not everyones place but it was mine and I
felt so good just being there, you know like somewhere I
belong where there are many people like me. Even though
Danni Minogue didn't turn up I still had a great time. Met
a few new people and had a great time, worth going there
again. See ya