No Excuses

Pillow Of Your Bones
2003-06-08 23:35:37 (UTC)

~if i ever start refering to these as the best years of my life i'm gonna kill myself~

hmm...this sucks.
this has been a bad week.
i hate my job so so much.
because of that bullshit at SDD i got threatened by cindy on friday
that if i dont be careful ill just get my hours cut...or fired.
thats okay tho. i only have 2 more months till im leaving...
and theyre opening a Shoe Carnival (sp?) and a Wendys...maybe ill
just start appying places! (*psst* if anyone reading this knows
somewhere that someone w.absolutely NO experience can get hired fer
2 months let me know! lol)
we drove around and tipped over 'shitters' the past 2 nights. *sigh*
Spring Hill really must be THE MOST BORING place in the world if the
only way u can have fun is by tipping over shitters, hanging out at
Checkers and Walmart and stealing street signs. at least ill have
some interesting pictures once i get these developed!
i still have that roll of Dre and about 4 from after grad. to
develop too. well...i think one of those still has like 5 pics left.
ive been soooo bored today. i woke up around 1. i watched 2 (ugh!)
mary-kate and ashley olson movies today. that wasted away about 4
hours. jeesh...i might as well've been eating worms! lol...those
movies were soooo corny. just proves to me-again-why i dont watch
TV. oh...and i made brownies and a steak fer dinner. yum yum!
well...imma go search fer something to do.


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