taking heed

slightly exaggerated
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2003-06-08 18:23:47 (UTC)

Why doesn't anyone read my fucking shit?

Geez people! What the fuck is wrong you?

I'm insightful and witty.

If you're not stupid, give my entries a gander, you might
have fun. And if you're 'against the grain', rah rah,
thats even better. Unless you'd rather read about how
some 14-year-old girl asked this guy to the school dance
and he spilt chocolate milk on her dress or maybe you'd
rather read every second person's suicide note.

Now its obvious that if I do get a comment it will be from
some smart ass dick face saying that yes he'd rather read
about a 14-year-old's ruined dress on school dance night or
a daily suicide note than my off-tempo rants. Hell, I'd
probably do the same damn thing. But thats besides the

Just give the DMan a chance and you will not be
disappointed. And even if you are, I garauntee that you
will not be completely disappointed. What more could you
ask from a nihilist canadian suburbanite? not much. Not
much indeed.

My work here is done.