Marco Jacksonovic

Crazy What You Could've Had
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2003-06-08 13:06:18 (UTC)


Well, we’ve only driven through Salisbury on the fly so we
didn’t really get to see it. That’ for day 4, but we did
spend a day getting the brakes fixed in Portsmouth.
Portsmouth, contrary to what people say is a nice place in
parts, maybe a nice place in ports, as it is along the
seafront that most of the niceness accirs. C’est la vie, I
Millennium walkway, 19th Century flagships and all others
add to thisglory, something tarnished, perhaps, by the
fact that it was always an enforced stop-off, and never is
that a nice thing. It was tipped off though, by our
successful journey here and really landing ourselves in a
high quality campsite, of which more maybe later.