Marco Jacksonovic

Crazy What You Could've Had
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2003-06-08 13:03:13 (UTC)

I - Petham - Wheels On Fire

So, the wheels are rolling, the game is a-foot, we’re all
going …you know how it works. Yesterday morning we set off
to Leeds Castle in the sun. Spectacular Kentish scenery,
spectacular water and castle combination. A rather lovely
piece of English heraldic history, but disappointingly
modern in some respects. A lot of Victorian and pre-
Victorian living. No surprise of course, the castle was in
use a long time. It does the job though.
Odd things. Royal British Legion village. A retirement
home for old soldiers in a town. Marked on the map too
dontcha know?
After the fun the storm. It pissed down like a Scotsman @
closing time. (No, I don’t mean that, but I saw a drunk
Scot the other day) Never. Rarely. Infrequently. Have I
ever seen the rain take hold like it did last night. Of
course the tent acted as a magnifier, so it sounded a lot
worse. But it did ruin a perfectly good sunset. Still
we’ve all seen a full-on thunderstorm now, and gratitude
must be conveyed. All we need is….well I want some salad.
If the next five weeks hold this kind of excitement the
world will be a happier place for me.