champagne supernova
2003-06-08 08:13:33 (UTC)

Doris Day

wow, *breathe* its been a good day. tomorrow is my best
friend in the worlds' birthday. she'll be 16, and she had
a party at her dad's house today . i went. she had a taco
cart.....that was awesome. and she had a great time, and we
had an adult come over to us and start talking about how
great it is that we are the kind of friends we are, and
that made her nd i , i think really just appreciate each
other. it was a great nite. i put together her gifts for
tmorrow . were going out out to the queen mary for
brunch...yum* and i have got aot of schol work to do
tomorrow, but im not sweating it, since this is our last
week of real school. and i am moving! yay! i finally get
my own room! for the first time ever! we have tstart acking
tomorrow since were moving the 20th , so we dont have alot
of time and since were wimpy girls that need help moving,
jk... jon offeed to help us move! which i thank him for
very much, and mann just said he is comming too! cool!
THANKS GUYS! and im leaving for viginia in 20 days! go i
cant wait , and bobby comes here on august 3!ahhh!!!! cant
wait! ill be gone from the 28 of june till july 13, just so
u all know in case ya need me. ill be checking myemail
while im there, just in case anyone wants to write me! so
here i go , off into oblivion, scared and happy, ready to
pee my pants and swim in the pools. WHO WANTS TO COE WITH