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2003-06-08 04:38:22 (UTC)


So maybe I could do that for a living...though I can't
find out how much they make so...but whatever. GW says I'm
perfect for that and who knows...something to consider
As for her...I talked to her briefly today but I don't
think it's her that bothers me so much as Z...she like
comes to the barn to clean her tack-like she's doing
nothing right now but hanging out there (damn her) and
while I was at least doing something...she just comes out
for fun or something...I dunno.
So yeah, my life still hasn't really improved cuz while I
feel more like I'm working towards a goal or at least
getting out and working in general, I can't help but feel
like I'm missing so much other she was
like "did I tell you about this...?" or "Remember this?"
and I'm like NO FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!!-I kept having to
explain to her the fact that she hasn't talked to me in a
week and so I don't know anything about that and she and Z
are all buddy buddy again and I'm like "you bitch..."
ugh...and today she was ranting again about LU and CC and
I was past her already but I actually stopped to say
something and then just made a big obvious show of sighing
and shaking my head...if I were closer I would have turned
around...but I really needed to get to work...and I'm not
sure I wanna start something like that until we're stuck
working camps together where she has no choice but to be
forced to spend time with me...