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2003-06-08 03:30:50 (UTC)


Firstly, I went to a dinner party last night and had a
FABULOUS time. I had beets (which I haven't had since I
was like, 6 years old) and they weren't bad. Tastyish
actually. Well, this morning, I woke up and went to the
bathroom and freaked out because I thought I was
hemorrhaging. It was odd because I didn't feel anything. I
actually thought of going to the hospital until I calmed
down enough to realize that it was the BEETS! Then I
laughed. Turns out Liz (who was also at the party and ate
the beets) had the same thing happen to her. It was quite

Also, I found out that a manager at work has been starting
rumors about me. She is telling people who are my friends
and who know better that my ex-manager and I are sleeping
together. I laughed for about 15 mins. over that one. It's
just really funny.

Oh, and I drove home naked last night.

That is all.