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2003-06-08 02:41:28 (UTC)

I Miss

I miss the nights when the phone would ring
Id pick it up and there you where
We would talk about all our plans
We had no cares in the world

Even when we weren’t talking much
We could hear each other breathe
We’d talk about out wedding day
And how you wouldn’t stop saying how much you loved me

Hours and hours would pass
Till we would both just fall asleep
I’d think to myself as I would lay there
This boy I’ve just got to keep

I miss how my phone would ring at 6 A.M.
Every morning before school would start
To the sound of you singing Good Morning Beautiful
You completely stole my heart

The times you would get mad at me
Then hang up the phone
I miss how you would call and apologize
before that same minute was gone

I miss how you would compliment me
when I know I did bad
And how you would look at me and say its ok
When I felt so sad

Most of all I miss your heart
Because it once loved me
And I miss the chance I lost
And A love I let go free

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