a poetic Heartº
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2003-06-08 02:41:10 (UTC)

Im sorry

Im sorry I mess up in so many ways
Im sorry that I don’t remember everything I plan to say
Im sorry that I have my emotions that you don’t believe
Im sorry that Im not very good at setting what I want to
Im sorry if I talk to other people looking for a friend
Im sorry that I need someone to be there who’ll reach out a
Im sorry that I don’t talk enough when you need me too
Im sorry that I always seem to upset you
Im sorry that I fell in love before you came along
Im sorry If to you that seems so wrong
Im sorry that we’re not able to be alone
Im sorry that you hate when I’m not at home
Im sorry that I lie to keep things in place
Im sorry that about all the fights that I cant erase
Im sorry that I feel more comfortable talking to a guy
Im sorry that when I get online I don’t start by saying Hi
Im sorry that people call me when I we are talking
Im sorry that I sometimes go slow when I’m walking
Im sorry about the times you didn’t believe what I said
Im sorry about the times I wanted to go to bed
Im sorry about things that I was scared to do
Im sorry for liking country music the way that I do
Im sorry that Im good at always picking fights
Im sorry for all the sorry’s that doesn’t always make it
Im sorry that I cant be the person whome you want me to be
Im sorry that I’m not perfect because I am only Me