a poetic Heartº
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2003-06-08 02:37:48 (UTC)

Then and Now

Then and Now

If I was given the chance
Maybe a moment in time
Id stare deeply into your eyes
Knowing that you could’ve been mine

To have and hold forever
Those words are more than true
Cause I’ll always hold a special place
In my heart that’s meant for you

We made a lot of plans
I guess we made them all too fast
I’m living in my future
But I’ll never forget my past

Maybe it’s better this way
It may have never worked out
But ill never forget you
So don’t ever doubt

Your always crossing my mind
I always hear your voice
I miss the friend I had
I wish it was my choice

It was then that I loved you
I need to forget you somehow
But I cant bring myself to do it
There’s not any difference between then and now