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2003-06-08 02:36:22 (UTC)

All We Know

I never thought It would come to this
I never thought I could be controlled
And to tell you all the things I had to tell you
It hurt so deep within my soul

I hope you have a good life
That’s all I wish of you
Im sorry that It wont involve me
If only either of us had knew

I can never hear your voice
For I gave it all away
Don’t think that you don’t cross my mind
Because you do everyday

I said forgive me
then told you goodbye
Because all the love I have
It belongs to another guy

I feel that I did the right thing
Even though it hurt so bad
To hear your voice one last time
It made us both so sad

What’s been done is done
We both chose separate paths
Our future lies ahead with different people
We can never change the past

From time to time
I’ll think of you
The smiles and the tears
There’s nothing I can do

I love someone else
And it’s past time for me to let you go
I guess we have to life with all we have….
For its all we know

Written January 24, 2003 to Randy

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