A day in the life....
2003-06-08 01:51:55 (UTC)


Hey everyone!
I'm kinda tired at the moment, but i haven't writ in my
diary in a while so i thought i'd type some stuff in it.
I've been working at CVS about 25-30 hours a week lately,
but I also just started getting some volunteer hours in at
the cardio rehab center at the hospital. It's enjoyable and
educational. This coming weekend i get to go to Lafayette
for my friend Stephanie's wedding. Brian's back home right
now for his friend Jessica's wedding. Wish i could have
gone but i had to work. Oh well. I'd write more, but like i
said i'm kinda tired. Gonna go for now. I'll update more
later...then again not much to update. God bless y'all!