would the world stop spinning
2003-06-07 20:53:18 (UTC)

i'm a lady lover, i'm a lady leaver....

so! it seems that some people find me to be a high prize...
recently i've met a few people who obviously find me very
attractive,i don't know why...maybe it's just my low self
esteem,but i don't see where they are getting this crazy
idea. maybe it's my shining personality that gets em?
it's nice to feel wanted,just not as exciting if you can't
have the you want. i'm not sure that i'm in want of a
relationship right now,kinda sure of it actually. maybe i
never was ready,coulda been the problem the whole time.
sometimes i don't think i'm in a position to say that i
could be good for someone. i met someone i enjoy sharing my
time with, but i don't want a relationship right now. i
just lost the person i thought was to be the love of my
life. kinda gives me a sick feeling to think that ether one
of us will ever be in love with anyone else,esp her. as
mean as it sounds i'd be happy to think that she never
loved anyone but me. sometimes i think that i'd rather be
alone..if i couldn't be with her,then i relize how crazy i
would go if i never got that affection from anyone. i need
to be held and kissed and touched...everyone needs that.
one day i will find that person who compliments my being
and it wont be about anything but the air that fills the
space between us.