2003-06-07 20:19:55 (UTC)

All over

So it is finally over with me and Justene. I guess in a
way it was kind of a agreed thing, but I miss her. I miss
her and I am with her still for this weekend. I made a
promise in one of my other entries, and I am thinking
about it. I am thinking of keeping my promise. I know she
still loves me, and God knows I still love her, but you
can hear it in her voice. I know its over and I asked her
if she thought it was for good this time and she said she
thought so. I do too and I dont think I can live with
that. Tonight is her grad and after grad I go back to her
dads and she goes to dry grad. I think tonight is the
night. I had my last chance, I maybe could of made her
love me more. But I lost it. She told Kenny I never do
anything with her and I will do stuff with Dani. Its
because Dani doesnt want me to go and do things with her
friends. But none of that matters now. Its over, its all

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