2003-06-07 16:41:31 (UTC)

Teresa> Good news on her side

So one of her real good friends who has internet access e-
mails me her number. So I automatically get a phone card
and call.

We spent 3 hours talking, catching up on old times and just
laughing our butts off. I found out that she is still
pregnant, and got married to Mathew on April 26th. I'm so
happy for them. Their parents also accepted their marriage
and their living together. (Mathew moved into her house.)
The reason she hasn't been seen at school was because she
already completed all her credits. She had to have her
appendix removed one time, doc said she came just in time.
Tomorrow would have been too late. This was a while back.

I thought she was living in hell, but she isn't. She's
happy and I can tell she has matured as a person. I can
just feel it. It seems kinda weird that she's talking about
her husband and I'm talking about not beeing able to find a
date for prom and the school play. It's like we took two
different turns, but we are still blood sisters.



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